Professional Services

Chef Kimberly has over 30 solid years as a culinary and hospitality professional. Her leadership and ability to influence change within her profession is the reason why she is the first African American woman to sit on the board of the prestigious  American Culinary Federation (ACF). Apart from being an accomplished chef, she is also accomplished in the following areas, and can be hired in these capacities:

  • CONSULTANT to corporations, advertising agencies and councils, and public relations firms to offer advice on campaigns, marketing, and events. She can also be secured to work as a consultant in the culinary and hospitality industries. 

  • ADVISOR to culinary and hospitality programs at accredited colleges and universities as well as to individuals who are graduates from these institutions seeking career advice.

  • COMMERCIAL PARTNER to companies and their agency representatives for commercial and trade campaigns speaking to a select audience. 

  • GUEST WRITER/INFLUENCER to write about anything from the culinary industry to culinary education to even food preparation. 

  • SPEAKER/LECTURER at events that are culinary-focused or to culinary students and faculty. 


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